Happy New Year 2012

Hi all

Happy New Year 2012

Hope everything gonna be okay (**nyontek liriklagu)

Hope GOD give healthy, strength and wisdom to us

Letter to GOD :

Jesus… I don’t know about tomorrow

And I was too affraid just only to dreams

Give me strength and braveness, whatever happen in my life

Give me passion to live my life

Give me faith to believe Your promise

And let me learn to do Your commands

And Let my live showing your GLORY


And thanks GOD I could celebrate my New Year with Bogor Family, It’s FUN, with all my nephew

My Big Family

Resolusi Tahun 2012 :

  1. Be Stronger… no more crying dear
  2. Depends in GOD authority (**sangar bahasanya hehehehe)
  3. Have passion to do many things in my life
  4. Consider to apply another education/take a course
  5. Learn sewing and can buy sewing mechine
  6. Change my theme of this blog :p
  7. Still deep in my brain & heart *Cieee

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